Our Chocolate

Juliette & Chocolat is a unique concept: a dessert restaurant dedicated to chocolate.

Our nine restaurants offer table service or service to go, as well as a Gift Boutique to bring home our chocolate treats.

Juliette & Chocolat serves chocolate in all its forms: gooey brownies, delectable pastries, intense shots, bite-sized pralines, fondues decorated with fresh fruit, and of course on crepes. Thin, golden crepes spread with chocolate, maple syrup, caramel, praline, ice cream, and every combination of chocolate, nuts, fruits and whipped cream imaginable. We are a paradise for chocoholics!


And should you suffer a momentary overdose of chocolate, one of our savory crepes or copious dinner salads will cure you (although I should mention that I couldn’t resist dressing the Juliette & Chocolat salad with a dark chocolate vinaigrette!).


This is where you’ll find the hot chocolates that we’re most famous for. We treat chocolate like wine, and our carefully chosen chocolates have flavors as varied as their origins. Be it the Guanaja from South America, the Manjari from Madagascar, the Jivara from Ecuador or much more, they all reveal unique and heady aromas.

We offer origin chocolates (chocolate from specific countries), vintages (from specific plantations), and great vintages with unique flavors. We serve them Grandma’s style or Classic style, dark, milk or white, in shots, milkshakes and smoothies, with fruits or if you’re feeling adventurous with spices, and even married to alcohols for cocktails. Whatever the combination you choose, you’ll melt!