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Juliette & Chocolat celebrates 15 years with $100 brownie

How much would you fork out for a brownie covered in 23-karat edible gold? Montreal's Juliette & Chocolat has found a glittery way to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The chocolaterie will be selling a triple chocolate brownie that has been covered in edible 23-karat gold sheets.

This Montreal chocolatier is launching a gold-plated brownie

Now, this is RICH. Juliette & Chocolat is introducing a gold-plated brownie as the Montreal chain of chocolate-focused dessert restaurants celebrates its 15th anniversary Launching July 20, and available for sale exclusively online, the latest creation from the Montreal-born chocolatier is this ultra decadent, gold-plated 23-karat brownie.

Juliette Brun: 'Restaurants can be tough. It's all the time, holidays, nights, days and weekends'

36, began Montréal-based Juliette & Chocolat in 2003. The company operates eight restaurants featuring dessert, and a chocolate laboratory dedicated to experimentation and handmade offerings. I came to Montreal in 1998 from Brazil on a student visa. My parents lived in Syria.

The story behind Juliette et Chocolat | Watch News Videos Online

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a box of chocolates. As Global's Amanda Jelowicki found out, it's probably safe to say there are few people in Montreal who like chocolate more than Juliette Brun, of Juliette et Chocolat.

Sweet success: Juliette et Chocolat 'ready to franchise' and expand into Ontario

In 15 years, Montreal confectionary chain Juliette et Chocolat has gone from baking 10 brownies a day to 5,000. Now they have ambitious plans to satisfy even more sweet tooths. After years of slow and steady growth since opening their first location on St-Denis St.

Juliette et Chocolat's secret ingredient? Strongly held values - Juliette Brun's Story

Given her last name and her sweet tooth, it seems Juliette Brun was fated to build an empire based on chocolate. But the businesswoman behind Juliette et Chocolat is not just a foodie-the entrepreneur also has an insatiable appetite for growth. Even when she was a student at McGill, Juliette Brun thought about working for herself.