Juliette & Chocolat franchises

A Juliette & Chocolat franchise :

Owning a Juliette & Chocolat franchise is buying into a dynamic, creative brand managed by passionate founders who live the concept.

Created by Juliette in 2003 when she was 22, Juliette & Chocolat is a unique concept centered around indulgence and enjoyment, who offers its guest affordable indulgences in a warm and welcoming décor.

Simple recipes with quality ingredients, a strong brand culture, a central kitchen (we call it the Chocolate Lab) that delivers to the restaurant uniquely delicious brownies, pastries and treats unlike anything else on the market, a French touch and passionate leadership from Juliette, that’s our recipe for sweet success!

The Juliette & Chocolat concept

Juliette & Chocolat is a sit-down restaurant focused on the sweet life. Our mission is to indulge in life through a unique chocolate experience, with an extensive sweet and chocolate-based menu offering that makes our clients swoon.

The concept is the creation of Juliette Brun, a trained chef and chocolatière with a serious sweet tooth. French but born in Brazil, Juliette traveled all over the world before opening Juliette & Chocolat in Montreal in 2003 when she was just 22. She conceived of Juliette & Chocolat as a heartwarming and welcoming French-inspired restaurant that would cater to the kids in all of us, with decadent plates made with simple recipes and high quality ingredients, and lots and lots of dessert choices!

Juliette & Chocolat is first to market in the chocolate space in Canada, having launched in Montreal in 2003 the first chocolate bar, and indeed being the creator of the current chocolate trend in Quebec and Canada. Juliette is still involved full time in her brand as the face of the company and the creative force behind the menu and product innovations.

Menu and product offering

We think every meal should start with dessert, and indeed our menu has an extensive dessert section, but Juliette & Chocolat also has a strong brunch and lunch offering of salads and French savory crepes.

For dessert, Juliette & Chocolat is famous for its large selection of brownies and pastries, as well as sweet crepes, waffles, chocolate fondues, ice cream bowls, cookies and pops.

Each Juliette & Chocolat has a retail boutique where gift items and seasonal chocolate items are sold. All these proprietary items, including the retail items, are made in our chocolate lab and central kitchen and delivered to the restaurant locations.

Restaurant operations:

Juliette & Chocolat is a turn-key operation, as the group has a central kitchen with a team of pastry chefs and cooks dedicated to developing and supplying the restaurant units with unique products not available anywhere else.

Additionally, and unlike many brands that rush to franchise, Juliette & Chocolat has a strong operational core of 8 corporate restaurants in the greater Montreal area. This insures an operational expertise and a strong operations team at the service of the restaurant units (both corporate and franchised) to ensure their success.

Juliette & Chocolat has:

-an unmatched chocolate and sweet expertise

- an attractive and proven business model

-strong financial performance: our units outsell the competition, and have all shown solid financial performance since inception.

-a strong core of corporate units and as a result a solid operational expertise to support the franchise units

-a turn-key operation, with a commissary to develop and supply the restaurant units with unique products not available anywhere else.

-a focus on quality, with high quality ingredients, a high-end concept, and a strong brand

-a focus on the product development and marketing pipeline, which includes seasonal savory menus, regularly updated pastry and chocolate selections, and innovative retail products. Our offer stays relevant to the consumer and ahead of trends.

-company owners who are completely invested in the brand, with Juliette as the creator in chief in charge of product ideation and the face of the company with a unique and compelling story.

Juliette & Chocolat offers its franchisees:

Franchisees receive access to the Juliette & Chocolat operations manual and training manuals and to the full system of centralized distribution, proprietary products, tools and procedures and intellectual property.

Before, during and after opening, the franchisee benefits from the full support of the Juliette & Chocolat team:

-assistance with site selection, negotiation and construction

-comprehensive training and human resources programs

-a national marketing program

-a local marketing program

-operational support for scheduling, restaurant operations, and full cost control training and support

-IT support

-finance and reporting support

-Juliette as the vocal face of the company and a media presence

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1-Do I need previous restaurant experience to open a Juliette & Chocolat franchise?

We are looking for high-caliber owner-operators with a solid experience in the restaurant industry and a thorough understanding of what it takes to successfully operate and develop a restaurant.

We offer a complete training program designed to provide you with the skills and tools necessary for making your Juliette & Chocolat into a true success story.

Previous skills in managing human resources are also a requirement, along with great attention to detail, stamina and a strong sense of community involvement.

And it goes without saying; the ideal candidate must be crazy about all things gourmet and chocolate!

2-Aside from experience in the restaurant industry, what qualities and skills do you look for in your franchisees?

To qualify, you must already love the brand and have a profound desire to become the proud owner of a Juliette & Chocolat store. We are looking for owners who also wish to actively participate in the operation of their restaurant, who will be entirely committed to the business and be involved and invested in every aspect of their franchise.

Franchisees are required to attain and maintain operational excellence at all times by respecting predetermined Juliette & Chocolat operational procedures, to provide their guests with outstanding service and delicious meals, and to ensure the sound financial management of their restaurant.

The franchisee must have exemplary customer service skills and must be committed to providing all guests with a phenomenal culinary experience.

The franchisee must have strong leadership skills and a commendable work ethic.

Ideally, the franchisee possesses basic notions in accounting.

And last but not least, we are looking for individuals with a serious sweet tooth!

3-Does Juliette & Chocolat offer financing?

No, Juliette & Chocolat does not offer financing. We do, however, provide franchisees with information and advice to assist them in their dealings with financial institutions. They will also benefit from our contacts and preferred rates.

4-What is the franchise fee to purchase a Juliette & Chocolat franchise?

The franchise fee is $40,000. This gives you access to the Juliette & Chocolat operations manual, comprehensive training, Juliette & Chocolat intellectual property and to the entire Juliette & Chocolat system of tools, support, marketing and exclusive and proprietary products.

After the initial 10-year contract, a renewal fee of 50% of the franchise fee will apply.

5-What kind of capital do I need in order to open a Juliette & Chocolat franchise?

The total opening cost of a Juliette & Chocolat restaurant (construction, design, equipment, smallware, signage, etc.) varies between $400,000 and $600,000, depending on the unit location and size, as well as the franchisee’s net worth.

Of this amount, the franchisee is required to have $150,000 to $250,000 in unencumbered assets, the rest of which will be financed through financial institutions. In addition, a total ranging from $50,000 to $60,000 of working capital must be available at the time of the restaurant opening.

6 – Once the franchise is open, what are the recurring fees?

  • 5.0% of gross sales as royalty, payable weekly;
  • 2.0% of gross sales for general advertising and marketing fees, which is deposited into a fund for advertising development and media;
  • Juliette & Chocolat franchisees are also required to invest 1.5% of their gross sales in local marketing (promotions, advertising, etc.).

7 – How long does the franchise agreement last?

The standard Juliette & Chocolat franchise term is 10 years. The initial franchise fee is payable once at the beginning of the term. To renew the contract after 10 years, a renewal fee of 50% of the initial franchise fee is required.

8 – Where would my Juliette & Chocolat be located?

When applying for a franchise, you are asked to specify which markets or territories are of interest to you. If you are selected, and when possible, we will make every effort to accommodate your preference within our development plan.

Your flexibility and willingness to relocate will, however, greatly influence how quickly you can expect to open your Juliette & Chocolat franchise.

9 – What training does Juliette & Chocolat provide?

Juliette & Chocolat offers a comprehensive training program to ensure that the restaurant opening goes smoothly and to give franchisees the best possible chance of success.

The new franchisee and their managers will follow a full training program lasting 8 to 10 weeks in a Juliette & Chocolat restaurant. This training program covers every position in the restaurant, restaurant management and all other aspects of the business.

Once the restaurant has opened, the Juliette & Chocolat support team will be available on standby to assist the franchisee and answer any questions he or she might have.

10 – What support exists for a Juliette & Chocolat franchisee?

The new franchisee receives the Juliette & Chocolat operations manual and access to all management tools and processes. Before, during, and after the restaurant launch, the Juliette & Chocolat support team will be on hand to assist the franchisee.

Juliette & Chocolat assists with:

  • real estate and location selection
  • lease negotiation
  • design and engineering plans
  • hiring and training
  • local marketing activities

The franchisee benefits from:

  • an attractive and proven business model
  • corporate expertise
  • a comprehensive operations manual
  • a centralized distribution system and unique, exclusive and proprietary products
  • a Research and Development Department, new menus twice per year and new product launches several times per year
  • a national marketing program
  • training and human resource programs
  • the support of a corporate team and a regional manager

11 - Who determines the policies and operating procedures?

All Juliette & Chocolat restaurant policies and operating procedures are defined in the Juliette & Chocolat operations manual. The franchisee must respect this regulation and apply all procedures defined by Juliette & Chocolat headquarters.

The Juliette & Chocolat operations team carries out regular visits to all Juliette & Chocolat stores to ensure that they are operating according to regulations and are adhering to the operations manual.

12 – What advertising does Juliette & Chocolat offer?

Juliette & Chocolat has a marketing and advertising plan adapted to the market, and all Juliette & Chocolat restaurants benefit from marketing and communications activities managed by headquarters.

Several times per year, Juliette & Chocolat launches new and exclusive products and all related printed marketing material, which is at the expense of the franchisee.

Furthermore, each restaurant will be required to invest 1.5% of their sales on local marketing. This amount can be invested in promotion, advertising and other local marketing activities. The Juliette & Chocolat head office offers support for optimizing investments in local marketing and must approve all franchisee marketing activities.

13 - Who will supply my raw material and restaurant supplies?

To ensure consistency in presentations and in food quality, franchisees must exclusively make their purchases from Juliette & Chocolat’s authorized suppliers.

The primary provider for restaurants is Juliette & Chocolat’s central kitchen, which provides the majority of ingredients, finished products and exclusive brand packaging.

A catalogue/log of all raw materials will be at your disposal so that you can make purchases based on your needs.

14 - What is the level of risk associated with opening a franchise?

Any business involves a certain amount of risk. It is your responsibility to develop your business plan using the advice of qualified professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants).

The success of your restaurant will depend on your abilities as a manager, your degree of involvement in your restaurant’s business operations and the close attention you give to the quality of your products and the level of customer service.

15 - If I wish to begin the process of opening a Juliette & Chocolat, what is my next step?

You must first fill out and return the application form attached to this email.

Upon receipt of your completed form, our Franchise Development Department will contact you. If your application is retained, we will organize a face-to-face meeting with you.

16 – If I have any other questions:

You may contact our Franchise Development Department at any time, and they will be pleased to assist you: franchises@julietteetchocolat.com

We invite you to fill out our Franchise application form to introduce yourself and get the process started!

Thank you and have a great, chocolaty day! 😊