Our commitments and values

Quality and freshness, our priority

The quality and freshness of our products are one of our priorities in bringing you complete satisfaction.

All our products are made in an artisanal way with a lot of love and know-how from our pastry chefs and chocolatiers. They are local because everything comes from our chocolate laboratory located in Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal.

All your orders are shipped directly from our chocolate laboratory.

How is your order prepared?

All orders received between Monday and Friday before noon are prepared the same day (except for busy periods such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday etc... where an additional delay may be added).

Those made on Friday afternoon and on weekends are prepared on Monday.

Our shipping partners will pick up your order at the end of the day from Monday to Friday.

For shipping in Montreal and the Greater Montreal area, the delay is generally 48 hours or 3-4 business days for the rest of Canada (delays may be extended during busy periods).

In case of hot weather, the products are shipped in cartons with a refrigerated bag to guarantee the freshness of the products. In the event that you are away from home, our shipping partners keep the package in an air-conditioned area. You will be able to pick it up directly from them.

Here is a reminder of how long our fresh products can be kept from the time of receipt:

Brownies: 2 months in the refrigerator and 2 days in the air.

Cookies: 1 week in the refrigerator.

Fondants: 1 week in the refrigerator.

All our products are therefore fresh at the time of order preparation.

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