Juliette's Cubies!

The Juliette & Chocolat Cubies are one of a kind: brownie-based confections that combine two of our favorites at Juliette & Chocolat: brownies and chocolate bonbons. To get the very best of both worlds!

Fun fact: here at Juliette & Chocolat we say Cubies are the result of a brownie and a bonbon having a baby!

But seriously, how were Cubies born? Here’s the story: Juliette wanted to reinvent the chocolate bonbon in a larger, two-bite format (regular bonbons, while delicious, are a little small for our taste!) and to make a delectable, unpretentious and fun product that would also incorporate brownies. 

Les Cubies de Juliette ! | Juliette & Chocolat

So Juliette and the team at our Chocolate Lab started brainstorming, testing and tasting! We knew this treat would be dipped in chocolate, as bonbons are, and we quickly settled on two layers for the inside. For the top layer we knew we wanted a type of confection (either fruits or nuts), so for the bottom we used extra bitter chocolate to develop a new brownie that would balance the sweet confection on top. 

To find the right confection to go with our brownies we tested lots of variations before settling on five flavours: salted caramel, praline, peanut butter, and raspberry fruit paste and lemon fruit paste.

To produce the Cubies, we first bake a sheet of brownies. Then we lay the confection on top, and from this sheet we cut the Cubies and lay them out on the conveyor belt of our tempering machine, where they are given a chocolate bath (either milk or dark chocolate depending on the flavour). Finally we hand-decorate our Cubies with a splatter of colored chocolate to identify them:


Our Cubies can be found in all our stores, as well as our online boutique, individually or in a box of five assorted flavours.

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  • Leonard Feinman

    Do you ship to the States? I am hoping you do because I can’t stop thinking about the yummy treats I had while visiting you.

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