The Chocolate Velvet Effect

Chocolate can be shaped and decorated in several different ways. One of the most spectacular decoration methods is what we call the “velvet effect” in chocolate-making.

The velvet effect is a fluffy finish resembling soft fur, which gives chocolate the impression that it’s been covered in a layer of velvet (hence the name!). You’ll see this effect on our Easter creations like Sissy and Sophie the unicorns, Lionel the frog or even Sébastien the crab.

Here’s how this effect is achieved:

First, this technique requires specific equipment: you’ll need a pastry airbrushing kit (spray gun). The instrument is filled with coloured cocoa butter, which is then vaporized onto the chocolate figuresin a very fine layer. (The same cocoa butter that’s used in the chocolate.)

But that’s not all! The key to this technique is obtaining a thermal shock between the chocolate and the cocoa butter. In order to achieve the velvety look, the chocolate figure must be very cold when sprayed (around -18°C), and the cocoa butter must be hot (45°C). This temperature difference is what creates the velvety effect that gives our unicorns their unique look!

While explanations are helpful, videos are even better. Here’s the technique in action:


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