The Vacherin, an iced dessert

The iced vacherin was originally a dessert that was served between two meals. Since then, it is exclusively served as a dessert at the end of the meal, especially at the end of the year celebrations.

Composed of ice cream, meringues and whipped cream, it originates from France and more particularly from the Lyonnais region. It is inspired by the cheese: Vacherin (also known as Mont d'Or), which is presented in a wooden base and heated in the oven to make it liquid and served with potatoes.

So we can rightly ask ourselves what is the connection between this cheese and the vacherin glacé? It is simply its shape and the colors in the cream tones. But with time, the iced vacherin has become more sophisticated. It can even be presented in individual format.

The vacherin is a dessert that is prepared the day before in order to obtain its icy appearance. The base is made of light meringues then it is covered with an ice cream, usually vanilla, or a sorbet of your choice. Finally, a whipped cream often completes the dessert.

Our vacherin is made of raspberry bits, vanilla and raspberry ice cream with a raspberry coulis, all topped with pieces of homemade meringues.

To be enjoyed ice cold! A delight to be enjoyed at any time!

Order it to go or by home delivery.

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