Hazelnut vegan brownie
Hazelnut vegan brownie

Hazelnut vegan brownie

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Our new hazelnut brownie: a 100% vegan dark chocolate hazelnut brownie, rich and fudgy with whole roasted hazelnuts.


  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • no-bake

For every purchase of a hazelnut vegan brownie, $1will be donated to the Véro & Louis Foundation.

For some time now, we have been dreaming up the perfect brownie, but with no compromise to that classic brownie taste. We vowed that each bite would be decadent and fudgy. In our humble opinion, we got it just right, but we’ll let you be the judge! 

All our brownies may be kept for 2 months in the fridge.

All of our brownies are made by hand in our very own chocolate laboratory with recipes developed by us, for you (alright, they’re for us too!). We make them all gluten-free because everyone should be able to enjoy this perfect treat; the classic fudgy, chocolaty brownie!


Made with ingredients that do not contain gluten, but may contain traces of gluten 

Ingredients: sugars (sugar, maple syrup, casonade) • arrowroot flour • hazelnut • coconut milk (coconut milk, water, potassium meta-bisulfite, guar gum) • vegetable oil (canola) • cocoa • starch corn • natural vanilla flavor • baking powder • salt. Contains: sulphites, hazelnut, soy. May contain: wheat, peanut and other nuts.