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If there’s one time of the year we love at Juliette & Chocolat, it’s Easter! Easter, more than ever, is when chocolate gets to shine, and when we at Juliette & Chocolat get to create and have fun! We give life in our Chocolate Lab to a whole menagerie of cute chocolate animals and subjects, from the traditional chocolate Easter eggs, the rabbits, and the hens, to unique creations such as the Easter gnomes and Effie the chocolate elephant, who’s almost too cute to eat!

You’ll agree with us that chocolate eggs are a must for Easter. But we’ve reinvented them as surprise eggs: large milk chocolate eggs that come with a small wooden hammer, that you get to break to reveal inside, depending on the egg, sometimes other smaller chocolate eggs, or sometimes small treats. Our golden chocolate egg that houses three smaller and smaller eggs inside it, like a chocolate Russian doll, is our most popular! A must-have for a fun Easter holiday

The Easter gnomes might seem cross under their huge colored hats, but they are delightful. 

Traditionally, Easter chocolates are molded, meaning they are made by pouring melted and tempered chocolate into a mold, letting the chocolate harden, and then opening the mold and taking out the fully formed subject. At Juliette & Chocolat we also use a technique called montage, by which we start by molding several pieces in chocolate, which we then assemble to form complex and unique subjects. 

For those who prefer smaller chocolate treats, we have a collection of French Provencal Easter hens, and we have Clementine and Theophile, our too cute to eat Easter rabbits.

All our Easter chocolates are hand-crafted in our Chocolate Lab, where we use the smoothest Belgian chocolate which we import from Belgium: 55% cocoa dark semi-sweet chocolate, 33% milk chocolate, and white chocolate. We add to it crunchy inclusions, praline filling, and a lot of expertise and know-how to give life to our Easter creations.

You’ll find our Easter chocolates starting March 18th, 2022 in all the Juliette & Chocolat restaurants, as well as on our online shop. Come meet Magali and Martin the chocolate sheep, the family of Easter gnomes, our chocolate eggs and all our artisanal chocolate creations, or order online and benefit from the free delivery for any purchase $69 and up. Some of our Easter chocolates however are fragile and cannot be sent by mail, so they will be exclusively available in our restaurants and our Chocolate Lab in Longueuil.

From all the team at Juliette & Chocolat, we wish you a very happy Easter filled with chocolate!